ISO 9001:2015


ASA Electronics is pleased to announce that we have recently been re-certified for ISO-9001:2015 registration from SRI Quality Registrar certifying that our Quality Management system meets the requirements, documentation and intent of ISO 9001:2015, ANSI/ISO/ASQ/Q9001-2015. For our quality management system applicable to:  Design and manufacture of audio, video, camera, and safety systems for mobile applications.

ISO-9001:2015 provides additional assurance that the Quality System we have in place documents and monitors our product from initial design and development through its production, installation and servicing . This is a significant accomplishment for our company, since less than 1% of all companies worldwide have this certification.

Since we also support the Continuous Improvement function for all operations, products and services you can be assured we will continue to provide the latest technology and highest quality products in the Mobile Electronics Industry.

Vice President of Sales
Certificate No:  020116

Registration No: 6654-01

Original approval:  January 23, 2018
Current Certificate:  December 1, 2019
Certificate Expiry:  November 30, 2022