Cleaning your JENSEN Stereo

No matter where you have your JENSEN stereo, cleaing it is easy. Without the need for harsh chemicals and cleaning agents, you can always keep your stereo in great condition whether on your boat, RV, or tractor.



JENSEN Stereos should be cleaned by a soft dry cloth (microfiber is recommended). If needed, this soft cloth may be lightly dampened with clean fresh water.



The use of any chemical cleaning solvent, including, but not limited to, Fantastik and Scrubbing Bubbles, common ammonia-based cleaners, chemicals containing bleach or any chemical that contains or off-gasses acetone should not come into contact with the stereo. This can lead to damage in the plastic and paint finish resulting in discoloration, spotting, cracking, etc. In many cases, this type of damage will occur over time and may not be readily apparent immediately after application.

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